it’s a damn fine day for poetry –
don’t ya think?
i’ll apologize for those
that are consumed by
their daily lives,
because after all
i just left the circus job.
i’m here to walk a different tight-rope,
where the eyes are focused
on the task at hand.
it’s scary at times not knowing
how i’ll get from point A to B.
but when i get in front of ya
to bring ya into my focus
to see me perform my stunt.
it tells me – even though
i can look down – it’s not sooooo bad.
though ya know what i do –
maybe by saying it,
ya’ll understand that this metaphor
is all about falling into your lap
like a safety net
when i tell ya the line is cut,
as the words slide down,
until ya realize – this one –
was written for ya in insightful strokes.
after all, i’m here at the bookstore in erie pa
for poetry scene,
cause this poem isn’t being read from paper.
this time it is done from my laptop –
props are required for everythin these days!!

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