remember me? i’m the one ya met
through the personal site.
every day that goes by,
i’ve been wondering what it be like
to get real with someone.
i have so much to offer,
but having my pictures and webcam up online
just isn’t cuttin it – these days.
i really don’t want to grab a drink,
or be spontaneous,
but the money is really nice.
i’m really not this way,
but i have to pay for college
and my parents won’t help.
workin a job that pays
only minimum wage – doesn’t cut it!!
can you see where i’m comin from?
i’d really like to change my ways,
and if you are really nice to me,
i might actually go out with ya.
we can’t have sex –
as hard as that is to understand,
because i’m very shy
once reality comes into play.
so, if you wouldn’t mind
doing me this huge favor –
write me a poem,
and i promise to put it on my site.
it’s a great invite,
and if ya are lucky for once –
it will be pay per view.

XOXOXO Tristan

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