all great desires
intoxificates emotion
into collective arousals
to move mountains
in the plentitudes
when diggin under layers of skin
in the fortitude’s fortress
into gradual step stonin
fuller emotional art.
it takes a hunger
to nurture power,
“in a take a closer look,”
to feel empowerment
for an everclear appearance.

4 responses to “VALUE INTO A REAL DEAL

  1. The internal will always lead the external if self-relisation is harboured. To dream is to achieve. First we must meet ourselves. Perception is indeed individual 🙂

    • yes….internal is best. the key is individuality matters. mainstream needs to understand that we all don’t have to fit in the way they want us to. creativity matters and as I see it we shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the cuffs of mainstream. I’ve always been on the outside of mainstream. I like it there emma. it means that I have views not associated with the norm. introversion matters too. thinking deeply is a good thing:)

      • I can completely relate. I, personally see myself as multifaceted in my living roles, expected roles and my actual and individual roles. To remain true to myself, I need to feed my inner psyche. I cannot be categorised and I feel that we do ourselves an injustice if we sit quietly within our boxes 🙂

      • I’m so glad that you can relate to this. I can relate to what you are saying as well. But I’ve gotta admit that you sound stronger on the outside…like being in crowds and such. I’m not like that. I have a tough time with that. If you put me in a spot where I don’t know anyone, I find a spot and just listen and observe. It can be a good thing, but it can create pickles because i’m not extroverted. But yes, getting outside the box is important. I think outside it all the time:)

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