the stranger –
the better is all that matters.
never been a fan of winter,
but mythology comes into play
with an unbelievable coincidence.
boreas – the greek god,
also known as aquilo
brought winter with him
with his harsh cold breaths.
it’s no wonder
that it has been so cold outside
for the betterment of thirty-three years
givin it all
with a hard workin ethic
dressed up like a freezer rat
on the forklift
in this small town
of north east pa,
where scholastics n sports
get the upper hand
when it comes to recognition.
can ya understand
why i can have a little bite
comin outta my words
where i did it their way?
poetry shows life
from a very hard life
without no notice
of how tough i’ve been
in this small town.
after all, my high school yearbook
is called the aquilo,
n that simply speaks for itself.
it takes a lot
of mixin life n readin
to become a maverick stallion
with maroon n gold wings.
it’s about time
that creativity gets recognition
n becomes a value in grapepicker country.

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