I wrote this about 10 years ago. though, I am not a proponent of war as I see it as counterproductive, and that I could never stomach this type of thing, I do feel it is imperative it can’t be all that easy on them either. It can’t be too early. Nothing wrong with a month long anthem as I see it.

a little bit of Christmas,
is to remember
all the soldiers in the battlefield
that want to share
in a little bit of joy
and long to be felt
while in a far away land
where the fight of tears so happen
to run a little bit down the cheeks.
it’s that sense of feeling
for us all to visualize
during this holiday season,
as the soldiers carry the burden
in their hearts at a time
when they need us
to keep them in mind
when decorating our trees
in the homes of our country
to honor them
and unite as a whole
that gives them peace
and goodwill
with a special meaning
in the traditional sense
to make this day feel more like
a little bit of Christmas.

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