had this light blue 69 camaro,
and i was just a young buck
at 20 in 1980.
had this vision
i’d restore it
n make it my dream car.
it only had a small block 307 engine,
but went to a junkyard
n picked up a small block 400 for it.
took the car to where a couple friends
would replace the engine.
they completed the job,
but couldn’t hook up the linkage
to test it out on the road.
so i called a garage
n they came n got the car,
then said they couldn’t do the job,
so, a guy that lived in the same apartment building
of one of the guys that helped put it in,
said he could do the job.
he got the car
and hooked up the linkage.
we took it for a spin,
and it had so much power
that traction bars would be needed
because the tires just jumped up n down on the road.
so, he suggested he’d take it up to a guys house
and finish the work on the hurst shift kit on the floor,
but to re-do the floorboards.
i said, “sure why not”.
in a couple of days walked up
to check to see if was done,
n when i got there
he had taken out my engine
n put it in his car n left town.
reported the theft,
but the cops didn’t care either
even though i told them who took it.
i ended up selling what was left of the car for 75.00.
the only thing left
is the language i can salvage from it.
that cam shot of that dream
didn’t take long to evaporate,
so, maybe this will help bring me another one back.

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