full sun attraction
in a real blast
of basking in orange
makes quite the dance partner
all to magnetic for sensual eyes.
it’s a vigorous campaign
in the nectar game
of breeding the lines
in a really happy tango
for this hummingbird
ever so drawn to her appeal
for a classic beautiful combination
all to seductive in her personality mint.


this ying n yang of sensibility
is all about introspective natures
in duality zones to keep movin along,
that place great weight on all things
that pertain to feelin.
burdens often stronger
when mixed in the burdens of others
that become teachin moments
when taken advantaged of
by less well-meanin souls
from being so easy goin.
that just go with the flow
is a two prong chameleon maker,
because the inner journey
n that of the outer journey
are what pours into the eyes
like the different colors of roses.
sometimes wilted,
n other times vibrant.
when pleas aren’t heard,
apathy n melancholy emerge,
n by golly it brings in lethargic ways.
so, it’s no surprise,
that as water is like liquid gold,
it only goes to show,
that when it’s really needed
the talent will emerge
with an inner and outer
in the duality of words
with a greater understandin
in the appreciation of the game of love
when it’s a pisces kind of thing.