do ya know
what it feels like,
when ya head up
the staircase to the balcony,
just to listen
to her laughter,
leavin ya to think
all that physical stamina
required in her dance classes,
is wearing ya out,
and just gotta take a blasted break
in a novel that’s been on the make –
in a for pete’s sakes,
what’s it gotta take!?!?!?


woke from a deep sleep
n sat straight up,
grabbed the quilt
n pulled it tight up to my chess(t)
in the middle of darkness,
cuz the whispers of her fingers
were makin moves in the lingers
movin the pieces
under the sheets
throughout my heart’s chess(t),
makin like masterpiece releases
from her strawberry heart bacardi daiquiris
come across my cheeks –
in a feel the heat like a bright showpiece!


do ya remember,
how the sugar maples left whispers
in the eastern twilight,
on a summer night,
where the leaves
kissed the window
in the meanings
w her july pretty girl eyes
in the chillin dusk blue
swayin in the sways,
gettin to sparklin with her hypnotic –
get me into her blue flame blues
in all the smotherings
side by side –
like a hot sauce in her all out fondue?!


dazed in the forever
wherever devours,
catch me in the daybreak,
after a hustlin sippin nightbreak
in the big easy,
completely, deeply, beady,
in a gotta be,
hangin in her party
hand in hand
in conversations so mardi,
where the two of us,
clicked glasses in passions grenadine –
new orleans style,
in the bacardi mix,
n sippin it up
in a hurricane blitz.


long ago, the factory
was constructed
with a desire to succeed.
the years went by,
and inside the building
became so very quiet,
while locks kept everything out.
the outside frame,
in a community thriving
all around seemed out of place,
like a stray sheep in the pasture.
after time, an interest began to take place
on the inside, and began the long process
for a new venture
to take place on the outside.
a complete overhaul
in the communications
of defined goals
with a vision for the future.
slowly it began to take shape,
like a spreading peacock.
its success is merely a review
of humble beginnings
on this very page.


it’z a tang with a bang,
in a heartfelt prayer
arched over the open fire
in the rose-reds
under the big orange
tennessee dreamsicle shine,
in a c’mon mixin
big o’ bonfire,
where the hot lines,
live n dies
for her all out shines
in an ole smokey ever drippin it clear
hangin in the moonlight,
n leavin it all to peachy bellini
in gettin to her lips
all so happenin in a shiners paradise.


it’z a gettin down,
carryin the evenin, drippin,
n a smokin in her firelights
sky high brights
into the night
leavin a whisperin in the palms,
oh, so, floridian in breezin seas.

take it all around
in songs of sound,
stripped to bare ground
in back seat speakers swoon surrounds.

it’z a hittin towns,
carryin the evenin, trippin
n shhmokin in her songs higher meltdowns
in her sparklin gowns
into the night
leavin a whisperin in the palms,
oh, so, floridian in the squeezin keys.

take it all around
in songs of sound,
stripped to bare ground
in back seat speakers moon surrounds.


a small review of the video and it’s two fold. the lyrics are in the contrasts of inside and outside. ya can’t rely on temporary fixes in addictions for love. one has to retreat and heal and then the centerpiece of love will emerge with passion coming from inside your heart for a two fold long lasting relationship.


it’z a keep on luvin ya
in the endless invites,
to get ya –
into my wanna be deservin,
in the unstoppables
of long-lasting scents,
essential in bonuses
of dinner’s for two,
in a bringin it in the high life,
where your smile
is like a cayman caribbean marathon
in an all access,
leavin it so intimate
in seafood hot spots.
these palms that hosts,
like outdoor concerts,
is an all about believin,
that ya double as an art
in the fusions of your shimmers,
where the moonsplash passionate redemptions
is all about smokin hot poetics
escapin the interiors
in leavin it all sparklin
in the palm tours evocative,
like smothered in barbecued ribs
of finger lickin so good
in the luvins of playa agua –
oh so – have to be in the highlights.