this piece disappeared from my blog…ghost thieves i tell ya!!

like a wall –
when your world crumbles,
a helpin hand
is what ya need
to get ya thru the mess.
but the love,
ya leave behind
shatters into pieces,
as if a window blown
in by a storm,
leavin ya empty n cold.
ya pound your fists
upon the pillow,
sayin never again.
then a knock comes upon your door –
ya want to say go away,
but the pain lifts ya up
until ya fall in the arms of a friend,
where the tears
run and land upon a soft shoulder
that will hold ya in a gentle sway
until ya can begin to dance.

5 responses to “WHEN YA NEED SOMEONE

    • This piece is a really old – ten years ago. It’ s a strong piece n wanted to share it on another site but wasn’t on my blog. Luckily I had it in my chapbook. I’ve had a number of pieces disappear by ghost thieves. As for me I keep pushing for the dream – entrepreneur. The forklift is a dead lift dead end lifestyle. My head gaskets – my brain – run hot and like the fast life. I’m ADD. I’m hyper driven and writing is my uplift kit. The day job needs to go. Its not the right environment for someone like me that’s not willing to settle for less than a dream. I want to do my own thing – bottom line. At times a get exhausted working the day job and working other social sites. I want my freedom and be a free bird. Other than that I’m doing wayyyyy better than two years ago:)

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