it’z a keep on luvin ya
in the endless invites,
to get ya –
into my wanna be deservin,
in the unstoppables
of long-lasting scents,
essential in bonuses
of dinner’s for two,
in a bringin it in the high life,
where your smile
is like a cayman caribbean marathon
in an all access,
leavin it so intimate
in seafood hot spots.
these palms that hosts,
like outdoor concerts,
is an all about believin,
that ya double as an art
in the fusions of your shimmers,
where the moonsplash passionate redemptions
is all about smokin hot poetics
escapin the interiors
in leavin it all sparklin
in the palm tours evocative,
like smothered in barbecued ribs
of finger lickin so good
in the luvins of playa agua –
oh so – have to be in the highlights.

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