like a brick wall
built in the layers,
it takes heavy duty transportation
in the wet n sand n gravel mixes
to reach a site of designation
and plug holes for a new foundation.
like any metaphor,
the entrepreneur is a diversifier
in the behaviors
of captivating pleasures,
in bringing it to doorsteps,
like a man creating new recipes
in the swirls left by a batters mix
poured into the cake pans,
only then to come hot out of the oven
to show it takes the hot n cold
in bringing it different,
seemingly so hard to reach
in conventional ways,
until it engages in the breakthroughs
to understand being open-minded
is an adventurous enterprise
in the trade show associations
of modern technology
to cut loose and bust in the scene,
so that opportunity,
becomes so die-hard clear.


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