the agent stood by my side
and said, “i’ve got a proto-call
for you to view, and your input is required.
the room before you with this window
is black before you,
but is bright on the inside,
and will be a two part process.
are you ready to begin”?
i looked at him and nodded my head yea.
he says,”all i have to do is change
the shade of the window from black to clear view
and we’ll go from there.”
it happens and just like that
ten women wearing cut off shorts
and t-shirts with their backs facing me
with each of the ladies tees saying


and just had to smirk.
the agent tells the ladies,
please turn and face the window.”
each lady smokin in the line
with the front of their tees saying,


i looked at the agent and said,
“that’s a copywrite!!”


sometimes in life,

ya gotta keep improvisin

to somehow get her in the mood.

so ya gotta goto walmart

and get some paint

to put on the bedroom walls.

the patient game isn’t a pretty game,

as it’s not at all a front runner one least bit.

so, so, here I am mixin the paint

in the swirls –

in a get ready to spread it

the way I gotta spread it.

but accentuating accents

in the colors of the overall skin

are important to get the point across.

it’s the whole skin

that matters when ya are thinkin

of her sweet n juicy

whole peach drippin scene

in front of her eyes!!