repost with edit.


the page before me,

essential in the hour of triumph,

in that of fierceness

in the share of native energy

throughout the contests,

in that of bloodthirstiness –

get like meditational

in the investment inks

in the auto-biographical

bringing the links

in the realm of the quiet,

as a modest writer

walkin’ in homely lanes

in the winds of atmosphere,

with a little harvest ripe

from the blowpipe

as a literary man

in the settlement

of a mix in the marketplace

from a little arms race

amongst civilized society

with a little firepower,

just to feel like

i can belong somewhere

to open doors

leaving my brand

in a seamstress move.


in a trying to break it easy,

in a lay it down

in this town,

catching a sound

to kick up a song

in a come along,

days on end,

in a be happening,

hit the road

in a freaking bus,

making a fuss

with jamming strings,

taking it slow,

taking it fast

heading to a beach,

in a no need to preach,

from following in love

under the fingers of,

in symptomatic tones,

get like in the zone,

cross my tee’s,

while sipping tea

feeling a buzz in the free,

in a don’t waste a moment.